Fulfillment and Direct Mail Services

With the economy getting tighter and your dollar becoming more and more important to your business and organizations bottom line, it is important that you make good decisions when communicating.  We here at Speedy Automated Mailers Inc. work with all aspects of your communication efforts.  We provide as little or as much as is necessary to meet your communication goals and objectives.  Listed below are only some of the services we provide to you to assist you in accomplishing good results.

Services Provided

Data Processing

Word Processing


CASS Certification

NCOA verification

Mail Piece Design

Complete Printing Services

Full Color Mail merge

Canada Post Mailings

UPS Services

FedEx Services

Mailing Lists








Duplication Removal

Glue Stick Application

Glue Dot Application

Border Crossing Paperwork

Address Matching

Fulfillment Services

Shrink Wrapping


Short & Long Term Storage

USPS Certification


Postal Code Sorting

Zip Code Sorting

Zip-Zone Sorting

LCP Canada Post Sorting

Standard Class Mail Preparation

USPS 1st Class Mail Preparation

Periodical Class Mail Preparation

Media Mail Preparation

Delivery to Canada Post Offices

Delivery to USPS Post Offices

John R. Sleeth
The above is only a few of the services we provide.  Speedy Automated Mailers is a complete mailing and fulfillment service and we like to be referred to as a one stop shop.  Give us a call 800-678-4775 or email a Request For Quote on this WEB Site.