Speedy Automated Mailers Inc

John R. Sleeth

Thank you for asking about Speedy Automated Mailers.  Speedy Automated Mailers started as a cottage industry in the basement of our home in 1984.  It moved to its Bellingham location in 1992 and with the purchase of a similar business in Skagit County expanded to our Mount Vernon in 2004.  

In the beginning our mission was to provide printing and mailings for organizations with newsletters.  It was quickly discovered that there were a lot printers and no mailers.  Speedy joined the Seattle Postal Customer Council and began a long relationship with the US Postal Service.  In the beginning there were only two postage rates, for what was known at that time, as bulk mail.  Within the first twelve months of our business we were contracted ay a company to do mailings into Canada.   We immediately established a working knowledge of the Canada Post Mailing system and took advantage of the import/export border rules and regulations.

The first computer was a Radio Shack Model 1.  We quickly moved up to Models 3 and 12.  By the middle 1990?s we were deep into UNIX operating systems for all of our data processing.  Because many of the USPS applications used Microsoft based operating system, we quickly became proficient in that operating system also.  We now operate state of the art inserting and addressing machinery.  

Direct Addressing and Mail Merging of databases has permitted personalization of many of the promotional items we now distribute.  We assist companies with monthly statements and serve many others with pick and pack fulfillment distribution completing many internet customers with distribution of their products.  For more information, contact us at info2005@speedy-inc.com.